I’ve approached this video course in four parts as if we are building a house together. I want your online ministry to be something beyond streaming content online, but a healthy expression of your church.


  • Why so much pushback with #churchonline?
  • 1st impressions ministry (new front door) and “church” for those far from your community
  • Think through your target viewer (Tool: Hubspot)
  • Align with your church’s vision/mission
  • How to position your online ministry/pastor

EXTRA RESOURCE: Three Approaches for a Healthy Online Church


  • What is “Ecclesia”? Looking Acts 2:42-47 (early church):
    • Worship = “They devoted themselves to… breaking of bread and prayers praying God.”
      • Temple Courts / Worship Service
    • Fellowship = “… devoted to the fellowship… all the believers were together.. they ate together.”
      • Small Groups
    • Discipleship = “They devoted themselves to the apostles’s teaching.”
      • Classes (LMS)
    • Ministry = “They gave to anyone as he had need.”
      • Ministries (aka serving opportunities) 
    • Evangelism = “… added to their number daily hose who were being saved.”
      • Share your faith by inviting to online service or home gathering
  • Digital Ecclesia & House Ecclesia (Resource: 2 Temple Courts)
  • Understanding the incentives/structure of your local church vs. online ministry (Resource: The Value Chain Constraint)
  • Your funnel or flywheel
  • Vision story of your target viewer
  • Measuring the right things (Hint: Align with your church’s metrics)
  • Start thinking of your online ministry as decentralizing your church

3. THE GUTS – 35:15 MIN

  • Breaking down what your online weekly service is:
    • Live, Rebroadcast, & On-demand
    • Facebook Live, churchonlineplatform.com, YouTube, Podcast, Twitch, etc.
    • Shifting to thinking of those watching real-time and the viral reach of the service for the first seven days
    • Clear call to actions on all content with your online ministry
  • Creating classes using teachable.com or thinkific.com
  • Setting up small groups right with curriculum, courses, and care
  • Ministry (serving online or in homes)
  • Living out purposes locally through small groups, meetups, watch parties, and home gatherings
    • Automation is a tool to reinforce what you want your target viewer to do, but need to clearly know your funnel/flywheel


  • Launch in phases like a church plant
  • Focus on building trust and buy-in with your leadership by telling the right stories
  • Consider running a report of those that have given/tithe outside of an hour driving distance of your church or campuses and send a survey to those viewers to find out more about them
  • Be yourself and not any other church!

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