Campus Crusade For Christ Southern & Eastern Africa

Dr. Farai Katsande,
Area Team Leader

Dr Farai


The terrain of Global Missions is changing. God has brought the whole world closer through technology. Never in the history of humans have we been able to reach the uttermost parts of the world without necessary getting into the plane. All this present an opportunity, to innovate our mission to catch up with the changing realities. Covid’19 came as scare and pandemic, ravaging the lives of many. We have a choice as Christian leaders, to adapt to the current situation and innovate missions to go digital. This Innovation has helped Campus Crusade for Christ to realize its DEEPlife goals. DEEPlife focused on building one million multiplying disciples by 2020, covering a period of 5 years. Hope2020 became an innovation vehicle to accelerate the goal for DEEPlife. Through digital missions, Hope2020 have allowed to realize 120 468 989 people exposed to the Gospel, and 4 377 595 decisions to follow Christ. Realization such harvest is not only because of the beauty of digital technology: more prayer and intercession have been offered by the saints.

It is the commitment of prayer worriors, the hard work of digital expertise, and the financial commitment of individuals that have made hope2020 successful. For the first time in my involvement with missions, have I seen such a great return on investment, where a single dollar would help reach millions of dollars. Can you Imagine where each United States Dollar you Invest In Missions reaching out to 120 people. Yes, you have heard me well. You can realize the most effective and fruitful way of using your resources by investing in Hope2020.

Please follow the link below to invest into changing lives, and gving them hope in the times of distress.