Hope2020 - Gospel Response to COVID-19!

Campus Crusade for Christ Southern and Eastern Africa (CCC SEA)

“Christ in you, the hope of glory” Col 1:27

March 2020

What is Hope2020?

Campus Crusade for Christ, Southern and Eastern Africa (CCC SEA) does win, build and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who will launch spiritual movements. In partnership with the Jesus Film Project, our Christian response to the Coronavirus pandemic will be preaching the gospel of Christ, who is the hope of glory. We termed this “Hope2020 – Gospel Response to COVID-19.” 

Hope2020 is a momentum building event and a catalyst across SEA Area towards reaching the DEEP Life goal of one million multiplying disciples by the end of 2020. Taking advantage of the current reality of COVID-19 where most of the countries are under lockdown, the social distancing situation demands new and relevant mechanisms of presenting the gospel to people in homes. The digital strategy and the inexhaustible Jesus Film Project products for evangelism, discipleship and church planting was our best option. 

We are going digitally on 500 universities and campus locations, 716 cities and towns, with 50,000 digital missionaries mobilized, and thousands of villages, high rising buildings being reached in 24 countries of Southern and Eastern Africa with the gospel using the Jesus Film digital tools and products, and other local digital strategies from 5th April -31st May 2020. We plan to target a minimum of 100 million students, leaders, communities, and online groups. Our overall common purpose as we implement is Hope2020 is Prayer, Evangelism, Discipleship, Multiplication and Care.

Why Hope2020?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), most of our campuses are closed, public events and gatherings with more than 60-100 people are banned, and people are gone online searching for hope. The world is locked down: fear, anxiety, and doubt prevail. This calls for changing strategies and going online to step up win-build-send effort in partnership with the Jesus Film Project using digital strategies. We believe this is the time to bring Christ, the hope of glory (Col 1:27), to nations in fear. This is the time to preach the good news! This is the time to act with the authority of Christ as we “GO” to nations using digital tools and products!

How is Hope2020 done?

All the national MCC and strategy leaders led by their national ministries and coached by CCC SEA MCC leaders take gospel online to the communities on the 500 university campuses, 716 cities and towns, thousands of African villages and neighborhoods, and online groups and communities to win-build-send during 5th April -31st May 2020. We start by praying for the people, campuses, cities, towns, villages, churches, and online communities we desire to reach out to. We can take a look at Virtual Prayer Walking;

The Jesus Film digital tools and products (including short films), digital strategies, TV and Radio broadcasts, will be our common digital contents.  Besides, we shall be using DVDs, Cards, Pen Drives, and tablets with JF products on them wherever applicable. We may also need some JF packs for JF showings in houses and small gatherings. The details of the 500 university campuses and countries, 716 cities and towns to be presented in another document. The details of the tools and products of JF, short films, and digital contents are identified and presented in the action plan section.

Who implements Hope2020?

CCC SEA team along with national ministry leaders steer the implementation from area and national levels. All the national NTLs, SLM leaders, GCM leaders, DS leaders, LeaderImpact leaders, JF leaders, and other strategy leaders lead the implementation in their respective countries digitally. Alumni associations and volunteers are invited to implement in their context. All CCC SEA staff and leadership are invited to take part.

Desired outcomes?

  • 100 million people hear the clear presentation of the gospel.
  • We trust God that 5 million souls will make decision for Christ and join our movement groups.
  • We anticipate to develop 1 million multiplying disciples who will have attended follow up.


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